The Ozaeros Mission

1.About our Services

David is an independent provider of comprehensive tail-wheel and aerobatic training. 

Training is normally undertaken at Moorabbin Airport however training camps are often held for intensive training in competition aerobatic flying prior to a major competition.

The Super Decathlon is available for private hire to suitably qualified pilots.

Other independent instructors are available, in addition to David.


2. Experienced tail-wheel instructors

Only very experienced tail-wheel instructors may operate Ozaeros' Super Decathlon.


3.Spinning & aerobatics

Ozaeros enjoys competition aerobatics and can help you with low level aerobatic endorsements.

4. Competition Aerobatics

Ozaeros enjoys competition aerobatics and can help you with low level aerobatic endorsements.

5. Formation

Formation training is available by special arrangement. David has much experience in formation aerobatics however CASA refused to grant Part 61 endorsements.

4.Instructor Training

For add-on design feature, spin and aerobatic training endorsements.



Associate Instructors


David J Pilkington
 Brighton VIC 3186 AU

About David

About Ozaeros 

Ozaeros is David's registered business name as an independent provider of comprehensive tail-wheel and aerobatic training as a private operation.
Associated instructors are independent of Ozaeros and may choose to operate through an approved flight school.
Ozaeros also provides aerobatic aircraft for hire.
ABN 96 310 652 368
On 30/9/19 Australian Flying Magazine and the Australian Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society announced the recipients of the 2019 WINGS Awards. David Pilkington won the award for Flying Instructor of the Year.


David has been a Grade 1 flight instructor for many years and generally works independently although does much work with a major flight school as subject matter expert for spinning, aerobatics and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. He holds flight examiner privileges for instructor spin and aerobatic training endorsements. David specialises in training for tail-wheel, spinning and aerobatics including low level competition aerobatics.

As from 2024, David's priority is to train new tailwheel, spin and aerobatic flight instrructors.

Check out the book at Amazon.

In Australia the paperback is only

available from Skylines.

​​Stjepan Nikolic

CPL(A), Grade 3 Flight Instructor with DF, spin, aero and night VFR TEs. 

750 hrs flying experience including 100 hrs aerobatics. Competed in Victorian and National aerobatic championships at Entry, Graduate & Sportsman categories.

​Motto: Learning never stops!​​

Rob Noonan

An experienced flight instructor, airline pilot and world class competition pilot who will help you get to the next level.​​