David J Pilkington
 Brighton VIC 3186 AU

Ozaeros Specialises in:

Tailwheel Training

Basic Spin & Aerobatic Training

Low Level Competition Aerobatics

Training for Aerobatic Instructors

Independent flight training specialising in tailwheel, spin and aerobatics!

1. Tailwheel training by very experienced instructors.

The Super Decathlon is the ideal tailwheel/aerobatic training aircraft. With the stiff aluminium spring landing gear it likes to bounce on landing unless it is done neatly with the correct technique. It has inverted fuel and oil systems so capable of all the basic manoeuvres as well as compound figures (but please, no snap rolls!).

2. Basic spin and aerobatic endorsements.

Per CASA's Manual of Standards for upright spinning and the basic manoeuvres:

  • loop
  • aileron roll
  • ​hammerhead or stall turn
  • plus unusual attitude recovery exercises of course
  • we'll also include the barrel roll and roll off the top

Don't forget the essential underpinning knowledge items.

3. A150 low level aerobatic endorsement with coaching in compeition aerobatics up to Sportsman level in the Super Decathlon.

Ozaeros graduates over the years have won many events at Graduate and Sportsman category competitions at state and national events.

4. Formation training by special arrangement.

David has significant experience at formation aerobatics however CASA refused to grant that flight activity endorsement. David also has significant experience at training formation flying however CASA requires assessment by a flight examiner before he can exercise those privileges.

5. Flight instructor training for design feature, spin and aerobatic training endorsements.

From 2024, David's priority will be the training of new flight instructors to teach tailwheel, spin, basic aerobatics and low level aerobatics.